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Why Fleet Helicopters

Our Rugged Terrain and High Altitude

The environment and tasks that require the use of helicopters usually means that the aircraft is operated right up to its maximum limitations across a wide range of terrains. Plains, mountains, gorges & coast… these different environments that you will experience once you have a licence are all a stone’s throw from Armidale, and are the conditions that you will be flying in during your training with Fleet Helicopters.

Exposure to real world commercial operations

Being a helicopter pilot involves a lot more than just flying the aircraft. As a private or commercial pilot you will have to make crucial decisions every time you fly based on your level of knowledge and experience. Why not start building that knowledge and experience in a wide range of situations from day one of your training by being exposed to the real world of commercial helicopter operations.

Fleet Helicopters regularly utilises students for crewing helicopters and driving fuel support vehicles and assisting maintenance staff offering students invaluable experience and industry contacts.

Value for Money

Fleet Helicopters base at Armidale Airport is centred right in the middle of our training area and outside of controlled airspace.

None of your flight time will be wasted waiting for airways clearances or flying to and from the training area.

…and when your training does require some exposure to operating in controlled airspace, Tamworth and Coffs Harbour are just next door!

Post Training Opportunities

Fleet Helicopters has an enviable record of students successfully obtaining a job once graduated. Our pilots will assist you with industry contacts and advice on how best to achieve your first job and at the completion of your licence and ferry flights and joy flights are often offered to our commercial students enabling them to build command hours.

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