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Commercial Helicopter Licence

A commercial helicopter licence (CPLh) allows the holder to fly for hire or reward anywhere in Australia. The commercial pilot licence is also a GST free course as it is deemed an entry-level qualification for the industry by the Tax Department (A Private Pilot Licence is subject to GST).

So basically this means that with a commercial licence you can be paid to fly but with a private licence you cannot

The requirements for a Commercial Helicopter Licence are

  • Minimum of 105 hours of flight training (unless conversion training)
  • Aviation reference number (ARN) and Student pilots licence
  • ASIC card
  • Radio Telephone operator licence (gained during your practical training)
  • Class 1 medical
  • Pass the 7 CPLh theory exams
  • Pass the CPLh flight test

Advanced training and conversions

Fleet Helicopters can assist you with all your advanced training requirements including:
• Conversion training from Fixed Wing
• Endorsements
• Sling