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Helicopter Flight Training


Your flight training will be an enjoyable experience, however don’t forget you are investing a great deal of time and money so you deserve the best value.

The manner in which you are taught, the techniques you learn, the environments in which you fly and the teaching you receive from your instructor are the things that develop your skills.

They should build your confidence and professionalism and lay the foundations that will serve you throughout your career.

Unlike others, Fleet Helicopters is not simply a flying school, but a strong and progressive commercial helicopter operation with in house maintenance providing a well-rounded training facility for intending pilots.

Your basic training will be conducted in a Robinson R22 Beta2 helicopter. The R22 is recognised within the industry as the optimum basic training helicopter. In completing your basic training in the R22 you enhance the development of your handling skills and required knowledge, which are essential in the early periods of your flying career.

helicopter-trainingWe also offer the option of including the Robinson R44 in the course of your licence.