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Product Innovation

Fleet Helicopters has always been a leading innovator in aviation technologies and recent innovations we have implemented include:

Tracplus aircraft tracking

To increase operational safety, all helicopters are now fitted with the global standard ‘Tracplus’ satellite GPS tracking system.

The Tracplus system provides Fleet and their clients with real time position monitoring via a moving map display showing the aircraft position, altitude, airspeed and heading.

Clients are able to track the aircraft and its movements via either a company provided iPad or being allowed to access a web based server.

DAAM System (Data Acquisition Alarm Monitor)

The DAAM system continuously, electronically monitors all mechanical components of the helicopter, storing this information in a tamper proof memory unit.

Fleet Helicopters was the first commercial aviation company to install the DAAM system to its entire turbine helicopter fleet.

The system was developed by Perkins Technologies, headed by race-car driver Larry Perkins, in response to the lack of effective monitoring tools used in aviation.

The system guarantees the client that our aircraft and its systems have not only been flown safely within all specified parameters for their flight, but also for all preceding flights ensuring that the aircraft is in a safe and airworthy condition at the commencement of their job.

The tamper proof recording of all flying hours ensures that all manufacturer mandated maintenance has been carried out at the correct times and provides the client with a totally transparent billing data record within the system.