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Airborne Gas Pipeline Leak Detection

As the exclusive Australasian operator of the Boreal Laser GasfinderAB system Fleet Helicopters has successfully conducted aerial gas pipeline leak detection across many thousands of kilometres of pipelines in NSW and Queensland.

Fugitive gas emissions have been estimated to create losses of up to 15% and create significant workplace hazards for ground staff entering an unknown leak zone.

The GasfinderAB system as an aerial platform is able to accurately and more cost effectively, when compared to ground based methods, survey up to 1000km of line per day.

The Boreal system is capable of detecting methane levels in concentrations as small as 0.5 parts per million (ppm) up to 500m away and includes a real time moving map display to show gas concentrations as the survey is conducted.

Fleet Helicopters as part of the pipeline leak detection service provides a complete geo-referenced video log of the entire pipeline to prove pipeline integrity at the time of the survey.

Using the ultimate system for high volume video capture the RedHen systems geo-tagging sDVR hardware and the proprietary Media Mapper software removes the need to troll through hours of pipeline video footage.