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The Fleet

Our fleet

Fleet Helicopters offers a range of aircraft to suit all your aviation needs. From the worlds’ most popular helicopter manufacturer, the Robinson R22 and R44, to the legend of the utility helicopter industry, the Bell 206 Jetranger and Longranger and the B205 Iroquois UH-1H (Huey). In addition Fleet Helicopters offers fixed wing services with the Cessna 182 aeroplane and Boeing

Bell 206 Jetranger

The most popular turbine helicopter ever built with the
best safety record in its class, the four passenger Bell 206
Jetranger is a proven workhorse.

Bell 206 Longranger

Whether it’s corporate, emergency transfers or cargo transfer,
the six passenger Bell 206 Longranger is a fast and efficient
machine for the job.

Bell Iroquois UH-1H (Huey)

Well known for it’s role in the Vietnam war, the Bell UH – 1H
(Huey) is ideal for lifting heavy external loads up to 1400kg.

Robinson R44

The most popular helicopter in the world – Fast, versatile and comfortable the R44 is perfect for scenic flights, charter and training.

Robinson R22

The two seat R22 is the world’s number one training helicopter. Learning to fly in the R22 provides a great grounding to ready you for the exciting career ahead of you.

Cessna 182

As this aircraft is fi tted with a Horton STOL kit (which increases
the aircraft’s low level and slow speed fl ight capabilities) it is
an ideal platform for aerial survey or surveillance as well as

Boeing Stearman

Fleet Helicopters also has access to and approval to operate the following aircraft: AS 350, EC120 and MD 500.